Let’s try this again

OK so after almost a year of posting nothing, I’m gonna try actually post on this more regularly. The past 11 months have been kinda occupying, I started university and that just kind of consumed my attention (both in terms of having lots of work and also now having some of a social life). However I think it would still be nice to document things I do here, hopefully as a sort of development blog, and maybe even some more possibly helpful or interesting posts like the previous one.

So. Right now I’ve got 2 big things going on in terms of programmy stuff. Well, one, but I have a second that I intend to start working on soon.

The first is Chacket Valleyparker: Drill Bunny, a game I’m helping developing as a part of Dream Show Adventures. Some people may now of Pipe Works, which is a game we have been working on for a while. Right now it’s on hold, and we decided to make something not quite as ambitious, but still fun and a good place to start. I will try to post some progress on it every now and again, with maybe a screenshot or two, or even a GIF. Although our original intention was to make it in 2 weeks, and although that didn’t quite work out we still got a solid engine going. Right now we’re mainly trying to get the rest of the core stuff done. I’ll explain more about it in a later post.

The other, not-yet-existent thing is a program that is able to convert or dump 2D graphics using scripts. The idea is based off of QuickBMS, a great program by Luigi “aluigi” Auriemma that allows you to use scripts to extract archives. Although it is possible to write scripts to do some other fancier things, graphic format conversion is not one of them (or at least, it would take an impractical amount of effort to write one and probably wouldn’t be very fast either). The idea is that instead of having a different program for each kind of archive, people can just write scripts that outline the extraction process, and then the program does all the boilerplate stuff. Not only are scripts easier to share, but they’re also much quicker to write. Even for non-programmers, it’s relatively simple to get the hang of as long as you can understand the format you can make your own scripts.

Now, I’ve made a number of custom graphic conversion programs, but I’ve always thought it would be way quicker and simpler if there was something like QuickBMS to write scripts for. I used to write archive programs before I learned about it, and it’s saved me a heap of time. I decided that I might as well make a similar program that focuses on 2D graphic conversion, to save time for both me and other people. So, I will try to get that underway sometime soon, sharing progress on here to keep me motivated.

So that’s that for now. These two things, along with anything else code-or-whatever-related that I feel like talking about, will hopefully give this blog some content. I really do like the idea of having my own corner of the Internet to put this stuff, I just need to actually sit down and do it.


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