VGSC 2.1 Update

I’ve recently updated VGSC to v2.1. This fixed a bug it had that made loopable files loop. Technically it isn’t really a bug, vgmstream has this enabled by default, however it’s something that most people won’t want. When I wrote v2.0 it seems that I forgot to add the flag that disables it. Later on I intend to give people more options though, so they can enable looping (among other things).

VGSC is up on Github, by the way. Since it’s just a wrapper, it doesn’t have any of vgmstream’s conversion code (that can be found here) but it may still be useful or interesting to some people.

I’ve also rearranged stuff a bit. All of my small programs that had little or specific uses have been packed into a single zip. They’re mainly there just so I still have them, and for anybody who might want to use one or two of them, but I just didn’t want to make a link for every single one of them.


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