I’m a 20 year old programmer and general computer enthusiast. My primary languages are ActionScript 3.0 and Haxe, and I also know a fair bit of Java. I occasionally tend to dabble in various other languages like Python and HTML. I am a member of staff at the VG Resource, where I also submit ripped sprites, textures and sounds. I also have a Twitch channel, where I sometimes stream me playing games (mostly Hearthstone).

I enjoy gaming, modding games, looking into game files, and just about everything else to do with games. I also draw a bit, read (mostly fantasy and sci-fi), and listen to music. I’ve currently finished my first year at Victoria University of Wellington, studying Software Engineering.

If you want to contact me you can send me a private message on the VG Resource, add me on Steam (ID: puggsoy), or comment here.


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