Version 2.1 [Windows]
-Prints stuff a bit nicer
-Added readme
-Fixed a bug that didn’t disable looping by default
-Updated vgmstream to r1040

VGSC (Video Game Sound Converter) is a wrapper for vgmstream, allowing you to convert a range of game audio formats to WAV. Its main function is that it can convert multiple files at once. It is occasionally updated with the newest revision of vgmstream, although I can do this on request if the latest vgmstream supports a file format you want in VGSC.

Previous releases

All versions are Windows only. All versions prior to 2.0 require Adobe AIR.

Version 2.0
-Rewritten in Haxe
-Better stability
-No installer required
-No runtime required, runs natively
-Updated vgmstream to r1026

Version 1.2
-Implemented file adding/removing system
-Allowed dragging files into window
-Allowed adding of folders and their subfolders
-Made the window resizable
-The application now remembers the last folder you added files from
-Updated vgmstream to r1007

Version 1.1
-Added save location options.
-Updated vgmstream to r979

Version 1.0
Initial release. Uses vgmstream r975.


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